Focus on health lighting


After the epidemic happened, people began to pay attention to health. But there is health issue that is closely related to our life
which is easy to ignore by us. That’s-- health lighting.

Did you concern about your home lighting condition? Many people think its ok that the lights just used for seeing clearly,there
is no other requests.In fact, such an idea is not right, the lights is very important to human’s health.
If you are in an
uncomfortable lighting environment in the long term, such as inappropriate
illumination,uneven light distribution,strong flicker,
glare and low CRI is seriously harmful to our health.


Visual effect

Normal lighting brightness ensures good visual sensitivity when people completing various indoor activities to avoid visual fatigue
minimize productivity decreasing.Brighter or darker, long-term lack of lighting will cause visual tension, making the body is
easy to tired, distraction, memory loss and excessive light exposure, if you are in a strong bright or colorful lighting environment,
eye crystal function
would be affected, which may lead to cataracts. There is also glare,all these belongs to "light pollution".



Body rhythm

In addition to the most basic visual effects, light directly affects human’s health in a non-visual way. The biological clock in the
human body synchronizes physiological function according to a 24-hour cycle, which is called circadian rhythm. The natural light
of sunrise and sunset and indoor lighting maintain the biological clock of our body, such as the cycle of sleep and awakening,
which is the rhythmic
effect of light. Unreasonable lighting, not only lead to the brain and organs can not get fully rest, the body's
resistance to decline, but also cause
 some symptoms that include insomnia, dizziness and so on. Furthermore, it will occurs 
hypertension, neurasthenia and other diseases.



Emotional regulation

Light also affects your mood. For example, the same scene with different lights, I believe that the second picture makes you more
CRI and CCT of the lights affect the vision and the comfort of the occupants. Food, skin tones and plants may appear
dull or unsaturated, which
 would greatly affect people's mood and appetite. Therefore, it can enhances the spatial beauty and
color distinction
 by using the lights with high CRI.



Indoor lighting is an art, the appropriate light is not only convenient for live and make people feel comfortable, but also enhance
beauty of the room.Usually CCT options is 2000K-6500K, the lower the CCT, the more the warm red light, people would have 
comfortable feeling, the higher the
CCT, the more the blue light, which make people feel refreshing and clean . If the different
CCT and brightness are combined, which will create a different mental state for people.


That health lighting,which is actually through lighting to improve people's work, study, life’s conditions and quality and promote
mental and physical health.
At present, because of the impact of epidemic, most people all over the world are isolated at home, so
we should have a healthy lighting environment more.
For matching the further demand for health lighting better, LEPU lighting
has been innovating in health lighting, Made a transformation from traditional lighting to smart lighting , we will launching the
world's first smart sleep ceiling light.
1. The protection mechanism of basing on the sleep system, five times spectral changes to
simulate sunrise (awake mode) melatonin mechanism (sleep-aid mode) sleep cycle analysis (sleep protection mode)
2. Daylight
simulation mechanism, it adjusts human’s body clock to achieve the synchronous of internal clock and natural time, then it could
improve sleep quality and mental state.
As so far, this independent innovation technology is mainly used in the field of high-end
smart home lighting, it perfectly achieved the combination of lighting and health, The light will be launched soon, please stay tuned!